Limits System set the maximum amount of game resources that you can gain per week. You can obtain a limited amount of game resources per week, but each week the maximum available amount gets bigger.

On Wednesday morning at 5:00 am, Moscow time, a player will receive new limits when entering the game or teleporting, which are added to the previous week’s limits. If a player has not played for a few weeks in a row, they will receive all the limits of the missed weeks when they enter the game.

You can exceed the limits, because we will never cut reward that has been promised for an adventure. If you need 100 Sparks of Destruction to reach your limit and you are due 200 for an adventure, you will still receive 200. However, the following week’s limits will be reduced by the amount you exceeded the limit of the previous week (in the example used - by 100 sparks for the Ascension Atlas).

What resources are limited?


The amount of credits received in the game is restricted by a weekly limit. It is not just the credits themselves that are taken into account, but also game items which can be sold in the market for them, such as Enhancement Stones, Holy Texts for the construction of temples and chapels, Ether Cores, and loot.

Transactions in the market do not reduce credit limits.

Sparks of Evolution

The limit applies to colored and class sparks. The limit for colored sparks is the same for all currencies. It does not matter whether a player gets 300 Sparks of Destruction or 100 each of different sparks, the overall limit is reduced by 300. The limit on class sparks is also shared.

The amount of Particles of Mastery used for upgrading equipment is also limited.

Additionally, as you progress, new valuables will be unlocked which will also be restricted by limits.

Playing after reaching the limits

Limits do not apply to the following rewards:

  • equipment;
  • Sparks of Transformation (to unlock new classes and configure talents and skills);
  • Celestial Threads (to buy clothes and other items that change the character’s appearance);
  • Ammo and Supplies for adept missions;
  • resources for the enlightenment of adepts;
  • rarities found in open areas which can be exchanged for consumables in the market.

You can focus your efforts on enhancing your own order or finding better equipment. This will undoubtedly be fruitful and the character will become an even mightier god.

How can you catch up to those that have been playing for a long time?

Players that are lagging behind in terms of progress can get increased limits of Particles of Mastery, Sparks of Insight and Class Sparks by completing weekly promo-adventures. These will appear on the globe for those who have reached 1357 Prestige. After 36087 Prestige, there will be promo-adventures that provide additional Tactical Sense limits.

Please note! To obtain different types of limits, you will need to complete different promo-adventures.

The further behind you are, the bigger the bonus that awaits you. The class spark limit will be increased evenly - by 1890 each time, while Sparks of Insight will be calculated using a more complex formula. So, for the first three weeks a player can receive 3000, 7000 and 10000 additional colored sparks, respectively. After that, you will have several weeks to pick up speed (20000, 40000 and so on), and then for the home stretch the limit increase gets smaller. It will take you the longest to close the remaining gap, but this gap will no longer stop you from playing with friends and joining top Pantheons.

It will be much easier to catch up with Spark Replicators, which will work with increased power during this period. If the Spark of Insight limit of a character exceeds 30000, and the Class Sparks limit exceeds 5670, the bonus from a replicator is increased.

The percentage depends on your limits: the higher they are, the more extra sparks will be added by a replicator. It should be noted that the number of sparks added depends on the limit of those particular sparks.

You can always find replicators in the market or you can receive them as a reward for completing a task.

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