Invasion is a key activity for Skyforge players. Now all players who have earned at least 800 Prestige points can take part in the battle against the armies threatening Aelion.

During invasions, all adventures in which you can find representatives of the invading armies have a special sign marking them on the globe and the reward for these adventures is increased. For example, during invasions by the Reapers of Death, participation in adventures like Dankit Island, Darniс Village or Okki Island will also become part of the battle against the invasions.

Completing optional tasks in these adventures will not only earn you Particles of Mastery, you will also get a special currency - invading army tokens. The higher your score, the more tokens you will get as a reward. For example, completing Alakur Island during an invasion of the Phytonide Army with an S can bring you 2800 Phytonide tokens.

When a player earns 5000 tokens of an invading army, they will get a special item to unlock the Ascension Atlas of the corresponding army.

Advancing along the nodes of the atlas will enable you to fight that army more efficiently. You can unlock nodes with sparks of the corresponding invading army. Players will get the first 100 sparks when they get the item that unlocks the atlas.


Having completed the first adventure related to an invasion, be it the invasion itself or a location with representatives of the invading army, players become special operations participants. 

These operations require no more than 40 players and last 24 hours. 

They have a fixed start and end time. There are 8 difficulty levels:

  • Support Operation;
  • Safety Operation;
  • Scouting Operation;
  • Combat Operation;
  • Specially Dangerous Operation;
  • Special Operation;
  • Operation of Special Importance;
  • Operation of Utmost Importance.

Every player forming part of the operations team starts at the first level.

There are several parameters that determine whether a player can move to a new level the next day or not:

  • Progress of the operation - progress needs to reach 100% for an operation to be completed. No participant can move on to the next level if an operation has not been completed.
  • Each player has their own personal progress. Depending on the level of operation, a certain amount of tasks must be completed to receive 100% personal progress. If a player has not achieved 100%, they will not move on to the next level the next day.
  • Each player has a rating based on how many invading army tokens they have. Only a quarter of the players completing an operation will move to the new level. So, for an operation of 40 players, the 10 most effective will move on, in an operation of 13 - only 4 will.

If a player has not moved on to the next level, they will be sent to an operation of the same level they were sent to the day before.


For each operation, 100% personal progress will get you trophy fragments. The quality and quantity of fragments depend on the level of the operation:

Level 1 — 5  white trophy fragments.
Level 2 — 25 white trophy fragments.
Level 3 — 5 green trophy fragments.
Level 4 — 25 green trophy fragments.
Level 5 — 5 blue trophy fragments.
Level 6 — 25 blue trophy fragments.
Level 7 — 5 violet trophy fragments.
Level 8 — 25 violet trophy fragments.

Upon completion of an operation (100% operation progress), players with 100% personal progress receive invading army tokens:

Level 1 — 5000 tokens.
Level 2 — 10000 tokens.
Level 3 — 15000 tokens.
Level 4 — 20000 tokens.
Level 5 — 25000 tokens.
Level 6 - 30000 tokens.
Level 7 - 35000 tokens.
Level 8 - 40000 tokens.

When going to the next level the first time during an invasion, players receive invading army sparks:

Level 1 - 50 sparks.
Level 2 — 100 sparks.
Level 3 — 150 sparks.
Level 4 — 200 sparks.
Level 5 — 250 sparks.
Level 6 — 300 sparks.
Level 7 — 350 sparks.
Level 8 — 400 sparks.

Known bugs

Note! The button that opens the operation page only appears after a player receives their first invading army tokens. At the start of a new day the button may disappear again until an adventure with monsters of the corresponding army is completed.
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