You can buy and sell items in Aelion in the Market ( key).


To see the range of items available, go to the Market screen in the Buy tab.

Credits are the main currency here and can be used to buy:

  • modifiers for adept missions,
  • enhancement stones,
  • combat consumables,
  • clothes and accessories.

You can also buy rare resources here. To buy these, you will need different types of currency. You can obtain them by participating in activities related to invasions, collect them in open areas or receive them for your services to your Pantheon.


The Sell tab contains a list of all the items that you can sell. To open this tab, you do not have to be on the Market screen ( key): you can also select the Sell option when right-clicking an item in the bag.
For some items the price does not change, but for others the price can change depending on supply and demand.

What can you sell?

You can sell enhancement stones and several other resources received as rewards, but bear in mind that sooner or later you might need them.

Players also receive various loot in adventures.  These unusual findings may interest some Aelion collectors. They do not provide any benefit and it makes sense to sell them as soon as you are able.

For your convenience a log of recent transactions in the Market can be viewed in the Log tab.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange credits for Argents and vice versa. This can be very useful if you have run out of credits and have no means to obtain them quickly. Note that a 5% fee is charged for each exchange transaction.

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