The Divine Observatory is at the very heart of Aelinar. Here you can find the Globe - a scaled down holographic copy of Planet Aelion. Gods and Immortals use it to see where their help is required on the planet.

The higher their prestige, — a universal indicator of character development — the more activities immortals have access to. To see all the current adventures, you just have to switch to the globe.

Activities can have different difficulty levels. The globe displays adventures for squads (1-3 players), groups (5 players) and PvP. In addition, it displays activities for which the reward has been temporarily increased, and places where a character has never been before.

Rewards for PvE and PvP adventures change every 40 minutes. They also change once an adventure has been completed. If a player is in a queue to take part in an adventure the reward does not change, even if 40 minutes have passed.

If you want to try out more difficult activities, you can open a list of all the adventures available to you.

Squad Adventures

For those that love to play in a team, Skyforge enables you to partner up even in solo adventures! You can join the adventure with one or two other people as part of a squad, or small group. The difficulty level of the adventure will be automatically adjusted depending on the amount of prestige players have and the number of players there are. These adventures can be completed by players on their own, but a squad of three characters can also be fun.

Bosses in these adventures can change, increase or get stronger depending on the composition of a squad. They may also receive new abilities to make group gameplay more interesting and varied.

To enter such an adventure, you need to get together with one or two partners in a group and then select a destination on the globe. If you choose to complete an adventure alone, you are immediately transferred and can no longer invite anyone else.

In addition, you can use the group selection. In this case you will be sent into the adventure as part of a squad with two other immortals.

Difficulty Levels

Many note that difficulty changes as characters develop. Regular, or easy activities appear in the Divine Observatory, but most often of all they are impossible. Now what does that mean?

Every adventure is actually a set of adventures with different difficulty levels. To unlock the first rank, you need to earn a certain amount of prestige. Ranks are differentiated by amounts of stars: the more there are, the more dangerous the opponent and the bigger the reward.

The words impossible, difficult, regular, easy only indicate how hard an adventure of this rank will be for your character. If you just unlocked an activity, the opponents will be very harsh, but as prestige grows they will seem weaker and the adventure itself will get easier. Thus, the difficulty levels in the same rank will change: what used to be impossible, will with time become a relatively easy challenge.

If the current adventure has 2 or more stars, you can change its rank. To do this click the arrow next to the Participate button.

You will see a list of adventure ranks, from which you can chose. In the example shown a very easy rank one adventure is available (one star).

When you select the rank you want you can see how much the reward changes by, as well as be sent on the adventure or select players to complete the rank with. Storyline adventures are the exception, along with different class promos - they require completion at a certain rank, which will change without taking into account these activities.

Adventure difficulty selection - this mechanism enables an adventure to be completed with maximum comfort. Certain classes are not compatible with certain opponents, the boss may be almost invulnerable because of the style of play - these problems can be resolved by lowering the difficulty of the adventure. Or, if you want more of a challenge and a bigger reward - welcome to the Impossible difficulty level.

Bonus Adventures

Sometimes the globe will have adventures with different bonuses. Examples include a divisor or the chance to select your reward. The conditions are always different and are displayed in the adventure card. These activities are always displayed in the globe and marked with stars, do not miss them!

Scoring in Adventures

When completing an adventure in Skyforge, you will get a score depending on how efficiently you performed. You get these scores for solo and group PvE adventures. The higher the score, the better the reward and the more Particles of Mastery.

The adventures you can receive a score for are divided into two groups: those that are scored depending on how successfully you carried out additional conditions (battle feats), and those that do not contain additional conditions, but can be completed with different levels of efficiency.

Changes to Scores

Battle Feats - these are a range of additional conditions, which which will increase the score you receive if you complete them.

If an immortal has completed an adventure, without carrying out any battle feats, he will receive a C score and a standard reward.

If the immortal has performed some battle feats, they will get a B score (both missions not completed) or an A score (one of the missions completed) and the reward will increase by 10 or 20 percent.

If all battle feats are completed, you can get the maximum score of S and the reward will increase by 30%.

Particles of Mastery

Particles of Mastery - special currency that is required to upgrade equipment.

Particles of Mastery are always earned when you complete adventures that you get a score for. Their amount will increase depending on the score received for the adventure, as well as the difficulty and length of the adventure. The amount of Particles of Mastery received at the start of the game for the shortest and simplest adventure, earning a C score, will be very different to the amount received for high-end activity, earning an S score.

Battle Feats

Depending on progress in these missions, you can increase the reward you obtain in adventures.

Healing Orbs
Collect Healing Orbs dropped by enemies.

This mission is completed after 10 orbs are collected.

True Immortal
Ignore the Healing Orbs - the true immortals do not need them. You can use only five Healing Orbs per fight.

Use the protective or restoring health skill of your class or heal with combat consumables.

Death to Spies
The Mechanoids are searching for something in these parts. Eliminate as many Oculat Spies as you can find.

This mission is completed after 5 oculats are killed. Oculats appear 15 seconds after the start of battle.

Finishing Strikes
Deal the required number of finishing strikes during the adventure.

When your opponent has a certain amount of health left, you can finish them off using a special attack with the E key. Make the most of this opportunity.

Study your Opponent
Eliminate the required number of enemies around the camera that will appear not far from the character when the battle starts.

To ensure the defeated enemies are counted in this mission, make sure they are in the field of vision of the camera when they die. It is marked by a blue line on the ground.

Born Assassin I
Kill more than 15 enemies before the fight is over.

Note — as soon as you kill the last enemy, the fight ends and the chain of kills breaks.

Born Assassin II
Kill 6 strong enemies before the fight is over.

Note — as soon as you kill the last enemy, the fight ends and the chain of kills breaks.

Mass Killing
Kill four or more enemies with one blow.

Strike Zone
Hit five or more enemies with one blow. Only one such strike per fight is counted.

Each class has the ability to hit several enemies at once. Get your enemies close to each other and use these attacks against them.

Combo Kills
Kill enemies in rapid succession to create a kill-combo chain.

This mission is completed after 2 combo kills. Combo kills are kills of over 15 targets without the battle stopping.

Priority Targets: Support Units
In a group of enemies, try to kill the support units first.

Support units are denoted by symbols over their heads.

Priority Target: Thugs
In a group of enemies, try to kill the Thugs first. 

Thugs are denoted by symbols over their heads.

Priority Target: Crushers
In a group of enemies, try to kill the Crushers first. 

Crushers are denoted by symbols over their heads.

Search every nook and cranny for hidden treasures.

Caches — illuminated spheres, which are hidden in unexpected places. Look around carefully.

Lurking Death
Enemy deaths may attract Wardens of Death, be on your guard.

Wardens of Death appear if you have less than 50% health left at the end of the battle.
If this mission dropped with “Caution”, remember that to complete it health cannot fall below 30%.

Unstable Emanations
Collect emanations that drop from regular enemies. Note, they are very short-lived and disperse quickly.

Emanations look like blue sparks, which hang for a short while over the spot of the killed enemy.

Fast Response
Your opponents will deal strikes that can be evaded. Watch for these attacks and evade them. The number of failed attempts is limited. Only one hit is counted per battle.


Try to die as few times as possible — or better yet, don't die at all. The number of failed attempts is limited.

Defend against attacks, dodge blows, and don't let the enemy do too much damage. The reward will be smaller if you have less than a third of your health left at the end of the battle.

Do not let your health fall below 30%.
If the mission dropped with “Lurking Death”, remember: wardens appear when health is under 50%.

Actively use Dash in combat to escape danger. To receive your reward, use Dash the required number of times.

This mission is completed after 20 dashes during battle.

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