To have the right to fight for a gold league temple in the Pantheon Wars, a Pantheon must prove itself in both PvP and PvE activities.

Pantheon tournament is divided into stages. Each stage lasts 24 days. PvE and PvP competitions run in parallel during that time, and the same player can participate in both. When this stage has finished, the Pantheon Wars are held for 4 days. After that, a new stage of the tournament begins.

PvP-competition rankings are available on the portal and are updated daily at 4:00, Moscow time.


You get the chance to participate in PvP-competitions after talking to the Pantheon tournament organizer, Zintar. She will outline the battle rules.
When forming a team for PvP-competitions, you need to meet the requirements listed below:

  • Players that want to form a team need get together in groups of 5.
  • When the team is formed, all players invited to it must be online.
  • All team players must be members of the same Pantheon.
  • All players in the team must have access to PvP-competitions.
  • Team members must not join other teams.
  • There cannot be more than 50 teams in one Pantheon.

Forming Teams

Any of the group members that is suitable for forming a team can use the Create Team button in the full-screen group chat interface, to launch the voting process.

When all participants confirm their agreement, the team is formed:

  • The team is assigned a name.
  • The players PvP profile on the portal will show the name of the team, the list of its members, as well as the Quit Team button.
  • The team will receive its rank depending on the average Prestige of its members, as well as the ability to take part in competitions.

If the number of team members changes before the voting ends, the voting process stops.
If there is even one player who does not agree or place a vote in time, team formation is cancelled.

Team Names

The team name always consists of the Pantheon name and ordinal number of the team within the Pantheon. The team number is indicated by a Roman numeral.

If one Pantheon team is dissolved, the next team formed will be assigned its number.
For example, the third team inside the Jack Jackson Pantheon will be called Jack Jackson III.

Team Disbandment

A team is only disbanded if all members have quit the team.

There are two ways to quit a team:

  • By clicking the Quit Team button in your profile on the portal.
  • By quitting or getting expelled from your Pantheon. 

It is very unlikely for a valuable player to be expelled from their Pantheon.

If a team is disbanded, all data about it is deleted, its rating drops to zero and it is no longer counted in the Pantheon scores.

Temporary Replacements

If a full team is unable to gather, one player can be temporarily replaced.
The replacement player can come from another team or not be part of any team, but they must be in the the same Pantheon.
A team that has replaced more than one player cannot join a battle.

Restrictions on Joining a New Team

If a player has quit a team, they cannot create or join a new team for one week. Information about this is specified in the player profile on the portal. There will also be a timer, showing how much time is left before the player can join a new team.

If an attempt is made to create a new team with a player who has left another team less than a week ago, all group players are informed that the player is temporarily unable to accept the invitation. This notification will include the time left before the player can join the team.

Team Ranks

Each team participating in PvP-competitions will have a rank from 1 to 30. Rank 30 is the weakest. At the start, a team is assigned a rank from 30 to 16 in accordance with the average Prestige of its members.

During the competitions, a teams rank may be increased or decreased depending on whether the team wins or loses.

For every victory, teams receive one winning point, and for every defeat, starting from rank 25, it loses a point.

To move to the next rank, a team will need to gain a certain number of points.

  • from 29 to 26 = 1 point,
  • from 25 to 21 = 2 points,
  • from 20 to 16 = 3 points,
  • from 15 to 6 = 4 points,
  • from 5 to 1 = 5 points.

For ranks 30 to 6 there is a system of bonus points, which earns teams an extra point for every victory over two in a series of straight victories. This means that a team that wins three matches in a row gets 4 points: 1 for the first match, 1 for the second and 2 for the third. If the run of straight victories continues, the team will receive two points for every subsequent victory until they reach rank 5.


There are 6 battles per day, each starting at a predetermined time. A team with all its members online can request to participate in a battle 30 minutes before the start of the battle.

A team with all its members online can apply to participate in a battle within half an hour before it starts.

After the request has been submitted, all the other members of the group receive the appropriate notification.
When the battle begins, the team will be teleported to the map with their rival. The rival team will have the same rank or be one rank above or below.
Sometimes the system may be unable to find a rival team for the match. If this is the case the team automatically wins and all members are notified.

Changing Stage

At the start of a new stage all team ranks (after 28-days) are reset, but all the teams that took part in the previous stage receive bonus victories which increase their rank. The higher the maximum rank of a team in the previous stage, the higher it will be ranked at the start of the next stage.

When entering the game for the first time after the start of a new stage, each team player receives the following notifications:

  • Information on which rank their team has received and how many victories have already been counted within this rank.
  • Notification about the rewards gained as a result of the previous season. The rewards depend on the maximum rank a team was able to achieve during the previous season.

The higher the maximum rank of a team in the previous stage, the higher it will be ranked at the start of the next stage.


Players receive a set of PvP equipment as a reward. The amount and variety of items depends on the maximum rank the team achieved in the previous season.

Pantheon Rating

During the PvP-competition season, each participating Pantheon has a position in the rating. The Pantheon rating directly depends on the success of its teams. The greater the rank a team has, the greater the contribution it makes to the Pantheon rating. A Pantheons current rating can change as team ranks change. However, it is not just affected by the current season, but also by the rating of the previous three.

The first column after the name of the Pantheon indicates its current total rating, which is made up of the values shown in the next three columns.
The second column indicates the current Pantheon rating, which changes together with the team rank changes and is fully counted in the total rating.
The third and fourth columns indicate the ratings from the previous seasons, but with the following modificators: 50% for the previous season and 30% for the one before that.

Thus, the current and previous seasons provide the greatest contribution to the Pantheon rating.

The Pantheons position in the rating at the start of the Pantheon Wars is counted when establishing which Pantheons are qualified to participate.

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