To have the right to fight for a gold league temple in the Pantheon Wars, a Pantheon must prove itself in both PvP and PvE activities.

Pantheon tournaments are divided into stages. Each stage lasts 24 days. PvE and PvP competitions run in parallel during that time, but the same player can participate in both. When this stage is over, the Pantheon Wars is held for 4 days. After that, a new stage of the tournament begins.

PvE-competition rankings are available on the portal.

Platforms for PvE-challenges

Challenge - battles between groups of 10 players and the cunning inhabitants of Distortions. Access to PVE-challenges becomes available along with access to Distortions. There will be a certain range of Distortions available for each stage.

  • Stage 1 = four Oceanid Army Distortions (A1 - A4),
  • Stage 2 = four Phytonide Army Distortions (B1 - B4),
  • Stage 3 = first two Mechanoid Army Distortions (C1 - C2),
  • Stage 4 = last two Mechanoid Army Distortions (C3 - C4).

The difficulty level of rating Distortions is increased, but Tactical Sense requirements remain unchanged. Note that completing a regular mode Distortion does not count as completing a rating Distortion, but either version can be completed for progress in Distortions.

The usual rules apply to entering a platform for a challenge:

  • Groups of 10 players can enter the platform for the competition.
  • All players in the group should be members of the same Pantheon.
  • All players in the group should have access to the Divine Form.
  • All players in the group should have the required amount of Tactical Sense.
  • Entrance to the relevant Distortion must be indicated on the Pantheon scanner.

If the Distortion Analyzer shows the entrance to a Distortion that is a platform for a PvE-challenge at the current stage, you can enter it by left-clicking it.


A Pantheon will receive points when it first completes a rating Distortion. The number of points depends on the following factors:

  • The difficulty level of the Distortion, or more precisely the monster that inhabits it determines the points a Pantheon can get for victory: for example, the first three Oceanid Army Distortions can yield from 5,000 to 8,000 points, and the fourth Distortion - up to 10,000 points.
  • The time that has passed since the first victory over a monster in a Distortion during a challenge determines the amount of points the Pantheon receives.
  • The first victory on the server and everything that occurs during the 24 hours after it will yield the maximum amount of points.
  • The number of points received goes down with each day that follows the first victory.

The first victory in a Distortion during the tournament is recorded on the portal. A record that a team from your Pantheon won in one of the Distortions during the tournament is also shown on the portal, and your Pantheon will take its place in the rankings, showing the amount of points it received. You need to be one of the top 10 Pantheons in terms of points gained in the PvE- and/or PvP-challenges to join the tournament's Gold League.
Rewards for rating Distortions are similar to the rewards for PvP-competitions: players receive epic quality weapons and legendary equipment fragments.

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