You need to obtain a certain amount of prestige to unlock new regions, adventures and quests in Aelion. Prestige is a special characteristic made up of many different aspects of your character’s development.

In the early stages of the game you can earn prestige from two major sources: Equipment and the Ascension Atlas. Cult is added later on. Each of these sources is divided into several components.


Gear consists of equipment items and their amplifiers. Equipment consists of the main weapon, additional weapons and rings, and amplifiers boost features.

Equipment Items

Equipment items have different quality levels. Most often you come across regular (white), unusual (green) and rare (blue). It is easy to obtain regular items - they can drop from any enemy that is suitable for you in strength, but the features of such items are not too great. Unusual items are superior, but they are obtained through victories over bosses in adventures or missions to kill a strong monster in an open location. If you are lucky when killing a boss you might receive a rare blue item of equipment.

The features of the items are directly linked to the difficulty of the adventure they were obtained in: the harder the mission the more powerful the item.

If the bag has equipment that is more powerful than what you are wearing, a red arrow pointing down will appear on the gear screen on the weak item icon. This means you should swap the item and this will increase your prestige.


These become available after completing the Port Naori adventure. They enable you to make your character stronger.

Amplifiers are developed in two ways: using different ranks of Enhancement Stones and using Particles of Mastery. Enhancement Stones can be obtained by dismantling equipment items that are not needed. The more the amplifier is upgraded, the better the improvement to character features it will provide.

Stones cannot be endlessly placed, and after several steps the green bar at the top becomes full: you need to increase the rank of the amplifier. You can do this with Particles of Mastery. When rank is raised, character features also grow. Particles of Mastery are earned in adventures. The better the result of the adventure, the more particles you will receive. Particles of Mastery are only spent on upgrading amplifiers - they can be used as soon as you have collected a sufficient amount.

Amplifiers - a rather quick way to improve a character and increase prestige.


The Ascension Atlas has two levels: class and external level. As a character develops they will have access to other atlases.

Class Atlas

Major source of character strength at the start of the game. You need Sparks of Insight to unlock nodes in the first part of the atlas - each node has its own color. A special icon shows how many and what sparks you need to collect. First of all you should complete adventures that provide such sparks as rewards - this will speed up your development and give you quicker access to new abilities in your chosen class.

Quite quickly you will come across a special node in the class atlas, after which the principles of working with the class atlas change and the external atlas becomes available. This occurs at around 1000 prestige. Special Class Sparks are required for all the next nodes. You can get them from all monsters - the stronger the monster the more you get.

External Atlas

After this atlas is unlocked it becomes the main consumer of colored sparks and provides more opportunities for character development. To get to the external atlas, click the icon in the top left hand corner and you will see the diversity of development paths that are now available to your character.

It is not worth speeding off to a specific new class, try collecting nodes near the start of the path. They are cheaper and provide more useful features.

Recap: what to do to increase character prestige:

  1. Go to adventures for sparks of the required color. Select the Hard level or above, and use the rewards received.
  2. See whether you have collected stones or Particles of Mastery to upgrade amplifiers.
  3. If you have already unlocked the external atlas - do not forget about it, unlock nodes in both atlases, and progress will speed up.

Cult as a source of prestige

With 2050 prestige you acquire a personal cult . Initially it consists of a small number of loyal followers, but gradually more and more people join it, among which you can find true heroes. The temples and chapels of your cult are one source of prestige, but to build and upgrade them you need offerings, sacred texts and followers.

Cult missions are divided into three parts:

  • yellow - obtain resources (provisions and ammunition);
  • blue - spend provisions and bring in followers and amulets;
  • red - spend ammunition or provisions and bring in offerings.

This means you need to obtain resources from yellow missions and spend them in red and blue missions. As provisions are used in red and blue missions, there will be a resource deficit.

To cover the deficit you:

  • could not spend provisions in red missions;
  • visit adventures in the Divine Observatory that generate provisions.

The main part of the strength of a cult comes from temples, built in provinces. You can raise the rank of a temple with sacred texts and offerings. You will need a large number of sacred texts, and they are expensive on the market, however, you do not just have to buy them, you can also receive them as rewards for adventures (before you exhaust your credit limit), as well as from offerings made by adepts every morning to your statue in the Hall of Greatness.

Operations with adept missions are not just available in the game, but also in the portal , so you can even complete cult missions from mobile devices.

To improve a temple to the fifth rank you will need a second rank cult. You can achieve this when your cult has 800 followers. The number of followers increases when you complete blue missions.

For higher ranks of temple you need the Greatness characteristic. You can obtain it by taking special nodes in the Ascension Atlas. A certain number of nodes cannot be passed, but you can only obtain the maximum value by deliberately moving from one such node to another.

This algorithm does not describe all the subtleties of how cults work, only part of the system that will enable you to start playing and explore this system in detail. And, of course, to obtain your share of prestige from it. Most importantly, even if you are not developing your cult now – you are not losing out thanks to the cap system. Caps accumulate each week so you can catch up later on.

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