To put it simply, Pantheon Tournaments are exciting multifaceted competitions. Reaching the top requires players with a wide variety of skills and cannot be completed alone. From PvE fans to PvP masters and small groups to huge squads; absolutely every participant of Skyforge’s community, regardless of their preferences, can make a contribution to achieving victory.

A tournament season lasts around three months and is divided into three stages. Each stage consists of 24 days of parallel PVP and PVE competitions, followed by four days of Pantheon Wars — large-scale battles to seize celestial temples which regularly bring in resources needed for a major space project. Only when the dust has finally settled following the seasons completion will the winner be decided.

Objective: Bring to life a colossal project of the Aelion Space Program. The strongest well-matched Pantheon can launch a station into orbit that will impact several key game components. Thus, the Pantheon that wins a tournament will see their name go down in history, for the winner will be able to select what opportunities arise for players throughout the server!

The top-10 Pantheons resulting from the outcome of the PvP and PvE competition stage will get the right to fight for possession of Gold League temples, each one relating to one of Aelion’s Regions, such as Roqul Hollow and Lanber Forest. Other participants that do not make into the top-10 can fight for other minor locations that offer a slightly lesser advantage.

It’s possible to track the progression of a Pantheon on the overall ranking in the portal, where detailed PvE and PvP rankings are also available.

Areas belonging to a Pantheon will be decorated with the owner’s coat-of-arms, along with the Pantheon’s symbols and colors adorning the area. Later, the most outstanding battle participants will have commemorative busts installed in the Divine Observatory! However, it is not enough to just seize an area then sit idly by enjoying the benefits of owning such a huge territory. There is always a chance that enemies will form raids and steal resources that are needed for launching your station into orbit - Territories and resources need to be protected. It’s also possible to attack enemy land and steal their own valuable resources from them to advance your own goals.

PvP-competitions are rating battles that pit five players from the same Pantheon against another in an arena battle. There are 6 battles per day, each starting at a predetermined time. A team with all its members online can request to participate in a battle at any point before the start of the battle. You can read more about this in our guide on the subject

PvE-competitions consist of 10 players confronting the cunning and strong inhabitants of Distortions. Access to PVE-competitions becomes available alongside acquiring access to Distortions. There will be a certain range of Distortions available for each stage with the difficulty level of the Distortion, or more precisely the monster that inhabits it, determining the points a Pantheon can achieve for victory. You can read more about PvE-competitions in our guide on the subject.

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