Pantheon is a union of immortals. After joining a Pantheon of immortals, you will gain access to general chat and various bonuses depending on Pantheon development.

It is rather easy to set up a Pantheon:
— the founder needs to contribute 50 000 credits;
— create a name that meets the following criteria:

  • names must be unique;
  • they can contain from 3 to 30 symbols;
  • they must contain Roman characters and can include any amount of spaces, hyphens or apostrophes;
  • names must not begin with spaces, hyphens or apostrophes;
  • names must not have two spaces in a row;
  • names are not case sensitive (Pantheon, PANtheon and PaNthEoN are considered identical and automatically formatted);
  • names must not violate Game Rules.

 The Pantheon must have at least 3 members in the next 7 days. Otherwise, the Pantheon will be automatically disbanded.

The immortal who founds the Pantheon will receive the post of Commander and the honorary title of Founder, while all immortals invited to the Pantheon will become Members. A Pantheon should have a minimum of 3 Commanders.

Commanders and their Authority

Commanders have the right to invite other immortals to the Pantheon and expel them.
Commanders determine Pantheon development: they initiate construction, manage energy consumption etc.

Pantheon Development

When it is created, a Pantheon can have 30 Members and 3 Commanders and it does not give any bonuses. 
Building up the Stronghold develops the Pantheon and provides new opportunities. To ensure buildings can function, they need to be supplied with energy: the Power Unit is the heart of the Stronghold.

Pantheon Chambers
These determine the maximum number of
slots in the Pantheon. Maximum possible
slots in the Pantheon: 260 Members
and 9 Commanders.
In the Stronghold you can build an Academy and Fort.
You need to built and upgrade them to
unlock other structures.
Pantheons that build a Sanctuary can
participate in Pantheon Wars.

What are Pantheon Wars?

Power Unit
Provides the Stronghold with energy, which
some structures need in order to function.
Distortion Analyzer
Allows you to find special adventures —
Distortions — and to take part in them.
What are Distortions?
Special Operations Headquarters
This building makes the Pantheon Shop accessible.
Here you can acquire different items
for your Order.

What is an Order?
How do you find the Market?
Triumph Square
On the Triumph Square you can build Obelisks
which boost the basic stats
of the Pantheon: Strength, Luck, Valor and Spirit.
Every Obelisk also increases Power
and Stamina.

What do these Stats provide?
Ether Projector
This building provides immortals with basic
protection against invading armies.
Upgrading the projector
increases resistance to negative
effects from invading armies.

What are Invasions?
What are Invasion Operations?

The Pantheon Stronghold can be upgraded to rank II. This reduces energy consumption by 10% for buildings, increases bonuses from obelisks by 100% and unlocks options to upgrade them to level 5.


The construction and upgrading of a building are initiated by the commanders.
Construction requires approval from the majority of the (1 + 2/3, rounding down) Pantheon commanders.

Construction of a building in the Stronghold requires Construction Resources and Pantheon Credits.

Adepts receive special missions, which enable resources for construction to be collected.
Adepts will receive these missions until construction is either finished or cancelled.

When construction has been completed, the building is automatically activated if there is enough energy.
If there is insufficient energy, the building remains inactive and does not provide bonuses.

Pantheon Bonuses


After construction of the Special Operations Headquarters, the Pantheon Shop will become accessible with items that can be used in missions for adepts, for example:

Data Analysis Module
Increases the amount of supplies and ammunition received as a reward for a mission by 50%
Special Equipment
Lowers the mission difficulty by 30%
Energy Source
Increases Faith, Victor’s Medals and Construction Points in rewards by 80%, but triples mission completion time

To acquire such items you need Myrrh Drops — a special currency that you can receive in several ways:

— They can be received in special adventures marked with a Myrrh Drops icon. Group members that go on these adventures must be members of the same Pantheon.
— Transfer credits to Pantheon account


After building a Distortion Analyzer, Pantheon members get access to a new type of adventure for teams of 10 immortals — Distortions.
Here players face an area with one or several Champions that they must defeat to obtain Legendary Equipment.

 Immortals cannot take part in Distortions if they joined their Pantheon less than a week ago.


Obelisks are buildings in the Triumph Square that provide bonuses to basic stats for immortals in the Pantheon.
There are 4 types of Obelisks, each of which increases their stats: Strength, Luck, Valor or Spirit, and each of them can be upgraded to level 5.

Pantheon Wars

Pantheons fight to possess special territories — Temples. 
Participants will either defend their territories and/or try and seize other territories.
These battles take place once a week, allowing each Pantheon wishing to participate to prepare and gather forces.
You can learn more about Pantheon Wars in this guide.

 Immortals cannot take part in Pantheon Wars if they joined their Pantheon less than a week ago.

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