Invasions are one of the most important activities for players with high Prestige. Access to invasions is only open to players who have already unlocked their divine form.

Rewards for invasions

The global purpose of participation in invasions is to become an elder god of Aelion. Only immortals who can rise to the challenge and defeat the heralds of all invading armies are worthy of this title.

In addition, participation in invasion adventures earn you rewards, some of which are exclusive. For example, completing an adventure with a high rating for the first time will result in the following rewards:

  • completing an adventure with "С" and "А" - sparks for unlocking nodes in the Divine Atlas
  • completing an adventure with "B” - Reliquary with colored sparks (sparks from the Reliquary are not counted towards the weekly limits)
  • completing an adventure with "S" - a decorative piece of equipment (costume or headwear)


Apart from the divine form, players need a special stat to fight invasions: resistance.

There are five types of resistance:

  • Cold Resistance
  • Electricity Resistance
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Hypnosis Resistance
  • Poison Resistance

Depending on what factors are dominant on the native planet of the invading army, different invasions will require three different types of resistance. Invasions also have different difficulty levels: you will need more resistance for some than you will for others.

When fighting invasion armies, you will notice the sources of negative impact (for example, this is what a cold source looks like):

Avoid such areas, because they will all apply a negative effect (apart from inflicting damage):

  • Cold - slows you down significantly
  • Electricity - reduces the efficiency of a character’s shields
  • Radiation - increases incoming damage
  • Hypnosis - periodically inflicts fear
  • Poison - decreases damage dealt

For example, fighting Mechanoid invasions requires Cold, Radiation and Electricity Resistance, while for Phytonide invasions it is Radiation, Hypnosis and Poison. The Resistance indicator not only determines if you can take part in a certain adventure, it also reduces damage from negative effects.

How to obtain Resistance

Every Pantheon in Aelion has the opportunity to build an Ether Projector and to upgrade it to Projection Amplifier - these special tasks enable you to build up the resistance of players participating in battles against invasions.

Once the Ether Projector has been built, every Pantheon player can get enough Resistance to take part in the easiest invasion adventures.

Resistance can then be increased, after studying the essence of the invading creatures. For this you will need Eidoses and Energy Modules. Eidoses can be obtained from defeated enemies in invasion activities. Eidoses contain information about the negative effects of the relevant army. For example, a Mechanoid Eidos can be used to obtain knowledge about the effects of cold, radiation and electricity. Besides this knowledge, you will need Energy Modules for the Ether Projector. Adepts will help you obtain these. You can also get these modules in the market.

You can only research one type of resistance at a time, and this process takes some time.


Every invasion is a complex consisting of several activities. To repel an invasion you must defeat an avatar which will be invincible if a player has not obtained sufficient resistance by participating in other activities. Activities vary in terms of what level of resistance is required.

Landing Ships

Every Landing Ship is a mission for one or several gods to clear certain areas of the planet from invaders. After defeating invasion forces in battles around the planet, players receive the research materials that enable them to increase resistance with the help of the Ether Projector.

Avatar Ship

This is a difficult challenge for groups of 10 experienced gods.

Missions for Adepts

During invasions, the adepts in your order have access to special, very difficult missions to fight off attacks. These missions are available every 8 hours and can earn Faith for your divine form. For such missions, you will need modifiers which you can buy in the Market, if your Pantheon Stronghold has Special Operations Headquarters.

Invasion Stages


Invasions have several stages and they begin with the Arrival stage.

When the Arrival stage begins, a counter appears on the globe to count the time remaining until the invasion forces arrive.


During this phase, Aelion gods face the impending invasion.

During this time the Avatar Ship is visible on the globe. Groups of players who have sufficient resistance to fight the avatar during the preparation stage can unlock the ship marker at any time to challenge the avatar. During the preparation stage, the avatar is weakened but it is still a worthy opponent for young gods.

Those with insufficient resistance to fight the avatar will have to fight in the areas on the map where invading forces have landed: to obtain resources that will increase resistance, select Landing Ship markers and participate in adventures that you have sufficient resistance for.


This stage lasts all day and as the name suggests, it is the decisive one.

Only the Avatar’s Ship remains available on the globe. At this stage, the Avatar’s strength is at its maximum, so you will need more resistance to fight it than during the Preparation stage. Groups of gods with sufficient resistance can fight the avatar to to the end.


The Showdown can end in Victory or Defeat.


If the Avatar is defeated, absolutely all the immortals of Aelion will receive an increased amount of rewards for 3 days.


If the Avatar is not defeated, invading creatures will start flooding Aelion. Some missions for adepts will be replaced with missions to clear the provinces of invaders. Such missions supplant regular missions until they are completed.

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