You can customize most hot keys to your preference in Skyforge.

You can view the default hot keys in the interface. They are set as follows:

Book of Abilities (I)
Bag (B)
Equipment (P)
Ascension Atlas (K)
Cult (L)
Pantheon (Guild) (O)
Map (M)
Change Class (Y)
Market (N)
Start Chat (Enter)
Open Social Panel (G)
Exit Adventure (summon briefing) (F11)
Exit Game (F12)
Battle Statistics (Ctrl+


Combat system in Skyforge offers a hybrid target and non-target character control mechanism. There are times when you need to be sure that all attacks will hit the selected enemy. To achieve that, you can press F to lock on the current target.

By pressing Tab, you will switch to another target and lock on them. You can switch from targets that have been locked by the F key and those that have not.

If you are playing in a group and your character needs to select an ally as a target, you can use the F1 - F10 keys, which will select the relevant character and lock on them. Additionally, you can lock on a friendly target or switch between them by pressing T.


Your character can dash - a brief acceleration in movement which can be used, for example, to avoid an attack or certain control effects.

You can dash by pressing any movement key (WASD) twice in rapid succession or by using a combination of Shift+WASD.

Combat Statistics

During difficult PvE and PvP activities, you can use the statistics to view detailed information about the battle, including the amount of damage inflicted by each character.

Statistics are displayed in a separate tab in a full-screen interface (Ctrl+X). Here you can view detailed information on each battle. Including:

  • length of battle;
  • total damage inflicted by each member of the group;
  • DPS of each group member;
  • list of enemies;
  • breakdown of total damage for each participant based on their abilities;
  • breakdown of total damage for each participant by their abilities;
  • amount of damage taken by each group member;
  • number of Healing Orbs picked up by each member of the group;
  • amount of damage absorbed using effects by each group member.

In the foreseeable future you will also be able to synchronize with the portal - allowing you to save a history of battles and enabling you to share it.

Note, access to statistics is only currently available to players in Pantheons with a level 2 Academy.

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