Do you have an Order? We sure hope so, otherwise it's about time you address this issue and get your first followers! They will bring you substantial benefits as a fledgling deity. Done, back with your flock?
In this article we'll show you how to increase your influence over provinces and its benefits.

A yellow halo under the portrait of the patron saint (your faithful adept) denotes you are starting to influence a province. This represents your popularity and the credibility of your worshipers in the region. The more provinces come under your influence, the greater the gains! Each province will start granting you a primary statistic bonus once your influence over it reaches 100%.

Province Min. Prestige required
Dawn Plateau 48,000
Kesalia 65,000
Symerlis 80,000
Ithanos Archipelago 95,000
Hallaghi Valley 115,000
Fjord Kangher 135,000
Thyrthon Plain 165,000
Damon Wasteland 200,000
Your ability to influence different provinces depends on your prestige.

Example of an adventure with the new bonus item for influence, and the full list of these items.

Each day, an influence bonus adventure appears on your globe (based on one of the seven invading armies). This adventure is marked with one of the icons you can see above. Completing this adventure will reward you with an item unlocking a new mission for your adepts: by completing this mission, your adepts increase your influence over a province. This new bonus for adventures starts appearing from 48,100 Prestige.

Your influence rises one province at a time through these adept missions. You'll need to reach 100% influence in the first province before moving on to the next, and so on. Once you have reached 100%, the province increases a primary statistic of your choice - it is decided by the job of the adept you have assigned to the temple. The higher rank a temple is in a given province, the greater benefits you will receive.

In the market, you'll find two artifacts increasing the performance of your adepts in Influence missions.

Golden Sphere
Multiplies by 5 the impact of the mission on your influence.
Ether Sphere
Multiplies by 20 the impact of the mission on your influence.

To use an artifact, simply add it to the "Mission modifiers" before sending your adepts for the task:

As you are well aware by now, you will be able to increase one of your primary statistics once you reach 100% influence in a given province. The statistic gained (and how much if it) depends on the job of your adept in the temple, and the rank of said temple.

Adept's job Statistic increased

Agent, Mystic

Healer, Preacher


Templar, Engineer

Emissary, Sorcerer

Note that a maximum of 4 provinces can increase a single statistic.

Take good care of your followers and your order will prosper!
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