Just like in any other MMORPG, an integral part of our game is communication between players. In Skyforge, it can take place on the portal and within the game via various features of the in-game chat. These communication platforms are closely linked: if you have added a friend to your contact list on the portal, they will appear in a similar list inside the game and vice versa.

Main chat interface is a full-screen one, all existing functions are available here. You will see your list of contacts and chats that you are involved in. Here you can also search for players and add them to your contact list, if you know the names of their characters. You can start a new chat and add other players to it. Any chat participant can add players from their contact list to the conversation.

Another way to add a player to your contact list is to use the appropriate option on the social panel. Just place the cursor over the game character and press G. Select from the following in the pop-up menu:

  • invite to group;
  • invite to Pantheon;
  • show profile;
  • send message;
  • challenge to a duel;
  • send friend request;
  • ignore.

You can do the same via full-screen chat by left-clicking one of the contacts in your list.

During the gameplay, chat messages are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will see the conversation selected as active in the full-screen interface.

If any other full-screen interface is open, chat messages will be visible in a special chat bar, where you can read and send messages, as well as switch between conversations.

Chat Commands

Chat commands are available in Skyforge. You can see the complete or almost complete list below.

/help — show list of chat commands.

Character Management
/preset (1, 2, 3, 4) — activate skill set. For example, /preset 2 — select second skill set.
/class (name of class) — switch to specified class, if it is available. For example: /Cryomancer class — switch to Cryomancer.
/info (character nickname) — show Prestige and current class of the character with the specified nickname.

Chat Management
/ignore (character nickname) — add specified player to black list. For example: /ignore Gerida the Gracious — add player with the nickname Gerida the Gracious to the black list.
/unignore (character nickname) — remove the specified player from the black list. For example: /unignore Gerida the Gracious — remove the player with the nickname Gerida the Gracious from the black list.

/mute (chat room name) — stop receiving messages from the specified chat room
/unmute (chat room name) — allow messages from the specified chat room

Chat Channels
/whisper, /t, /w, /с (character nickname) — send private message to another player. Chat will switch to the required channel.
/reply, /r — reply to last private message.
/location, /c, /l, /м — send message to this location.
/say, /s — send message to everyone nearby.
/pantheon, /p, /guild, /g, /pantheon — send message to Pantheon chat.
/group, /g, /party, /p — send message to group chat.

/invite (character nickname) — invite specified player to the group.
For example: /invite Flavius the Enlightened — invite player with the nickname Flavius the Enlightened to the group.
/kick, /exclude (character nickname) — exclude the specified player from the group.
For example: /exclude Flavius the Enlightened — exclude the player with the nickname Flavius the Enlightened from the group.
/synchronization, /sync — sync group
/ready — check group readiness

/greet, /greetings — equivalent to G > F1 > F1
/attack — equivalent to G > F1 > F2
/cheer — equivalent to G > F1 > F3
/thank, /thanks — equivalent to G > F1 > F4
/agree /yes — equivalent to G > F1 > F5
/disagree /no — equivalent to G > F1 > F6
/beckon — equivalent to G > F1 > F7
/lol, /laugh — equivalent to G > F1 > F8
/apologize — equivalent to G > F1 > F9
/beg — equivalent to G > F1 > F10

/kiss — equivalent to G > F2 > F1
/nicker — laughter, equivalent to G > F2 > F2
/kneel — equivalent to G > F2 > F3
/applaud — equivalent to G > F2 > F4
/shrug — equivalent to G > F2 > F5
/facepalm — equivalent to G > F2 > F6
/goodbye — equivalent to G > F2 > F7
/congratulate — equivalent to G > F2 > F8
/disappointment — equivalent to G > F2 > F9
/shy — equivalent to G > F2 > F10

/angry — equivalent to G > F3 > F1
/bored — equivalent to G > F3 > F2
/cry — equivalent to G > F3 > F3
/panic — equivalent to G > F3 > F4
/happy — equivalent to G > F3 > F5
/sleep — equivalent to G > F3 > F6
/talk — equivalent to G > F3 > F7
/afk /awayFromKeyboard — equivalent to G > F3 > F8

/introduce — equivalent to G > F4 > F1
/victory — equivalent to G > F4 > F2
/muscle — demonstration of strength, equivalent to G > F4 > F3
/flirt — equivalent to G > F4 > F4
/sexy — equivalent to G > F4 > F5
/tease — equivalent to G > F4 > F6
/inspiration — equivalent to G > F4 > F7
/meditation — equivalent to G > F4 > F8
/dance, — equivalent to G > F5 > F1

All available social actions can be summoned with the F1 - F10 keys.

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