Atlas Review

Ascension Atlas — this reflects all the possible paths along which your character can move as they become a powerful god. The Atlas consists of various nodes, which contain bonuses for characteristics, open new abilities, talents and even classes.

Once you have completed training you will only have access to the class atlases of the Paladin, Lightbinder and Cryomancer. These are all linked to specific classes and contain the relevant abilities and talents. Bonuses to characteristics from other nodes apply to all classes available to you – you can develop several classes at the same time without having to worry about your main class losing part of its power.

Upon reaching the «%Name of class% Path» node, a character opens the general (upper) atlas.

Upper Atlas — a huge area with hundreds of nodes. These are grouped in constellations, and at the center of each of these the most valuable nodes are usually found, which unlock symbols, new classes and divine forms. As prestige increases, new parts of the atlas will be unlocked.

General Part of the Atlas

By fighting the armies of invasion, you will earn special symbols. Once 5000 are earned, immortals receive an item to unlock the army of invasion atlas and 100 corresponding sparks. In the new atlas you can explore characteristics and skills that are mostly aimed at fighting a specific army.

Gorgonide Atlas Fragment

After reaching 30560 prestige and carrying out a special quest, immortals become junior gods. This unlocks access to the Divine Atlas. The nodes in this atlas contain bonuses that increase damage, reduce recovery time for ultimate skills, provide immunity to control and much more. You can read more about what a god can do here.

Advancement on the Atlas

The atlas is not linear - you will come across forks that allow you to chose what direction you want to develop your character (but there is nothing to stop you collecting all nodes in an atlas, if you have the patience).

You can move around the atlas in two ways:

  • selecting each node manually - this way you control your development to the smallest detail;
  • using a navigator - you can select (right mouse button) the target node and the game will show you the shortest path to it (highlighted by a dotted line). The main screen will show a reminder when enough sparks have been collected for the next node in the chain.

In addition, you can quickly move between different upper and class atlas nodes using the navigation panel.


Spark Sources

To activate nodes in the atlas, you need sparks:

  • for the upper atlas you need Sparks of Insight (different colors) - destruction, creation and balance;
  • for class atlases you need class sparks (for example, Sparks of Cold for the Cryomancer) or the universal class currency — Sparks of Evolution. You can unlock the initial part of the Class Atlas with Sparks of Insight.

You can receive Sparks of Balance, Creation and Destruction as rewards for adventures, battles or quests in open areas.

Class Sparks are dropped by monsters when playing with a certain class, and if you have taken all the nodes of this class, then Sparks of Evolution will be dropped instead of Class Sparks. Sparks of Evolution can be obtained in group activities or promo-adventures.

Class Sparks and Sparks of Insight have different weekly caps, so you can develop the upper atlas and selected class (or several at the same time).

In the further parts of the upper atlas you may come across special pink nodes, which will require Sparks of Revelation to be unlocked. You can get these sparks in Hostile Territories — in group activities, accessible at high prestige levels.

To explore the nodes in the Divine Atlas, you need special resources, which you can get after completing any invasion adventure with score C and A and for victory over a god avatar.

One Divine Atlas Node

If you defeat the avatar in a fight of champions, the reward will be a divine revelation, which will enable you to learn one of the available specializations in the Divine Atlas. You can read more about them in this article.

Node Types

Most nodes contain bonuses to a character’s main and additional characteristics: might, stamina, luck, spirit, strength etc. You can also explore nodes that increase your greatness. You will need this to develop your character’s cult.

Upgrading Nodes

With the launch of Pantheon Wars, Immortals had the opportunity to increase the efficiency of nodes that had already been studied in the Ascension Atlas. You can upgrade nodes that provide additional statistics such as Might, Stamina, Luck, etc. (bought for Sparks of Balance, Creation, Destruction, or Revelation). You cannot upgrade nodes that contain skills and greatness.

You'll need an Ascension Atlas Upgrade and a certain number of bronze, silver or gold league sparks in order to gain these upgrades. The Ascension Atlas Upgrade can be purchased in the market in exchange for Pantheon Wars Tickets, under the Competition section.

Any member of a Pantheon that achieved at least one Tessa Spark will receive league Sparks and Pantheon Wars Tickets when the Tournament stage ends.

To upgrade a node, right-click it on the Atlas – the increase in stat points will be displayed before confirmation.

Each relevant node can be upgraded up to three times, once for each league: first with bronze, then silver, and finally with gold sparks. Each step requires an Ascension Atlas Upgrade.

Note that both the current node level and the base stats of the node are taken into account to calculate the upgrade cost. For example, the first upgrade of a node granting 10 Luck will cost only 50 Bronze Sparks, then 100 Silver Sparks for its second upgrade, and finally 150 Gold Sparks for the last step. The first upgrade of a node granting 56 Luck would cost 280 Bronze Sparks instead.

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