Creatures in Skyforge react differently to character’s presence.

In adventures for a limited number of participants, monsters attack if you approach or attack them. They always act in groups: once you approach one of them, the whole group will express their aggression.

In adventures taking place in open locations, monsters will not attack at the first approach. At first, they will simply observe and attack only if you are careless.

As you approach different creatures in open locations, you will see their reactions: some more cowardly beasts will run away, while bigger and more aggressive animals and monsters will turn towards you, adopt a battle stance, approach you and offer other ways of expressing hostility. If, despite all warnings, you remain close by, the monster will attack, and you will have to accept the battle. Remember that in open spaces the rules of group attack apply as well: if a monster has companions, they will also join the fight.

You should remember this behavior in Skyforge when you leave your computer while your character is in an open area. Monsters do not stay in one place, even the quietest corner could be hiding a big bad wolf. The areas where your character can feel relatively safe are right next to Uplink Terminals which creatures usually stay away from.

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