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I used to support Skyforge ,a long time ago ,I have came back 2 weeks ago or so and I don't think the game is worth supporting with my money . I saw that XO is getting a release ,I have no interest in console or to start over .

Anyway the thing i would like to ask is.

Will the game on PC ever have any kind of performance/API/Engine improvements ? Since ,at this moment Skyforge is the most horribly performing game I have ever seen/played .

Just so you know ,I no longer bother buying games that have no Vulkan support . Not asking that the game should go full Vulkan support but some improvements would be nice

I don't mean to insult anyone or to be disrespectful ,I just wish to know if there will be any improvements to the game on the side of API/Engine/Performance/Technology Usage

Thanks for reading ,cheers.

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