Three tiered Upgrade idea

No offence but I feel like skyforge devs come up with good ideas but implement them badly, and it doesn't help that the UI is littered with bugs/glitches and they lack tooltips even when they fix the bugs. When I heard there would be a new equipment upgrade system I had something like this in mind....

Three Tiered Upgrade/Augment/Fusion System 1:

1) Upgrade Gear has 1-5 slots on it depending the upgrade level of it (so you would upgrade it 5 times to get the full 5 slots). Upgrading the gear would involve an exp bar, grinding materials, giving them to an npc along with a fee. Naturally each stage would demand more exp, more materials, defeat stronger foes, and cost more in the fee.

2) Augmentation: The same npc will ask for other types of materials and a fee again to augment certain abilities on to your equipment. There would be no rng involved with this either you would just choose the abilities you want from a list

3) Fusion: The ability to fuse unwanted pieces of gear into your main one to gain a portion of their stats and possibly transfer abilities, thus speeding up the grind

We could have three new npcs in the research center or just have Flavius able to do all three maybe. Could also have this system without an npc at all of course too so you just upgrade it yourself via the men. Feature to name your weapons would be cool too. These new types of currencies could be bought in the psn store just to speed up the grind nothing else (they wouldn't gain any unfair advantages by spending their real money on this currency). You could also just use stims to skip the grind but it would have to be a very large portion of stims of course like say 50 stims for stage 1, 100 for stage 2, 250 stims for stage 3, 500 stims for stage 4 and 1000 stims for stage 5. Obviously only the truly committed and focused would create these relic weapons/armours/accessories but they would be handsomely rewarded of course :)

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