New PvP mode: Duel Arena

New pvp mode: Duel Arena. You could search via class or prestige. It could also have a detailed rank system which shows which classes your wins and losses were on and which classes you faced. Pvp rank points could be scaled like this too...opponent has lower prestige than yourself (less points), opponent has the same prestige (normal points), opponent has higher prestige (more points).

ps...please also give us the ability to watch peoples battles. I see you have this option in the matches menu but the thing is it doesn't work and is bugged. :(

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As far as i know, people tend to duel on Thea and Antean all the time just for the fun, and since pvp is kinda dead in this game, a new mode will not bring anything usefull... The watch match never got me any problems, but if i recall, you can only watch 3 vs 3 matches, so, if there is no matches at the time you check, it's just because no one is playing the pvp, and this is kinda normal.

first of all im on ps4, and secondly nah its an actual bug with the UI in the menu. Thirdly that's like saying lets just have massive, equals, golems just for fun as well. There is no reason to just have duelling as "fun only"

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