Sparks of transformation

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there is a glaring problem with the sparks of transformation that being while they have many ways of being acquired few are feasible for example pvp is a way but the queues are just too long at least ive experienced that the First time adventures reward needs to become First time arround 1000 or remain 500 and then make it arround 250 for everytime you do an adventure cause this just creates cheesy methods of farming it like taking turns creating alternate accounts to farm the damned thing or begging new players in chat if they want you to help them and more often than not being ignored afterwards i BEG you make sparks of transformation available as a reward even after first time completion at the 250 ammount as a reward so it can still take time to farm them but actually being able to acquire them at some point i mean i spent an hour in game trying to find a way to actually do acquire them but since i didnt have a friend or a pantheon my only options where pvp where the queue left me sleeping and the directives which are 5-6 with some 5 man group missions  for a measly 500 sparks i get it difficult to get but thats just being over the top :Gerida01:

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